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GOST 28563-90 General-purpose mobile compressor station. Methods of testing RUSS70341
GOST 13529-93 Self-acting individual valves of circular form for piston compressors. Types and fitting dimensions RUSS50496
GOST Compressor equipment RUSS16339
GOST Compressor equipment RUSS16671
GOST 12.2.110-85 Air piston stationary general-purpose compressors RUSS16673
GOST Compressor equipment RUSS16899
GOST Compressor equipment RUSS16900
GOST Compressor equipment RUSS17070
GOST 12.2.010-75 Occupational safety standards system. Pneumatic Hand Machines. General safety requirements RUSS17090
GOST 28547-90 Positive displacement refrigeration compressors RUSS19768
GOST 23467-79 Air compressors for blast furnaces and air separation plants. General technical requirements RUSS63302
GOST 27407-87 Opposite piston compressors permissible levels of noise characteristics and methods for their measurements RUSS17851
GOST 20073-81 General-purpose stationary air piston compressors. Acceptance rules and methods of tests RUSS60030
GOST 2.782-96 Unified system for design documentation. Graphic designations. Hydraulic and pneumatic machines RUSS60281

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